We do not charge an admission fee to enter the hatchery. Instead, we rely on generous donations to maintain the property, sustain the self-guided tour, and feed our fish. Any donation, no matter how large or small , is greatly appreciated.


Help the Grayling Hatchery to preserve, protect, and enhance the Au Sable River.

Many thanks to our generous donors and volunteers!

These wonderful organizations and individuals have supported the hatchery and helped further our goals of community engagement and scientific advancement! The hatchery would not be where it is today without their generous contributions and continued support!


  1. AuSable Institute
  2. Cedars for the AuSable
  3. Katrina Verlac
  4. Howard A. Johnson
  5. Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  6. Hank and Terri Milius 
  7. Damion Frasier 
  8. Grayling Middle and Elementary Schools
  9. Our Working Board of Volunteers